Privacy clause

Primettel trademark is a registered trademark or trademark of our company or affiliated company, which is protected by law and infringement must be investigated.

Without the written permission of the Company or the trademark owner, no unit or individual may use, copy, modify, disseminate, copy or bundle with other products any part of the trademark in any way or for any reason.

Any infringement of the company's trademark rights, our company will pursue its legal liability in accordance with the law.

The company's legal affairs department is instructed by the company, hereby solemn legal declaration! Following are the privacy rules of this website ( and its operating company, Shenzhen Premettel Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "this website"). Users must read this Privacy Rule carefully and agree to it before they become users of this website. As part of the normal operating procedures of this website service, this website collects, uses and (in some cases) discloses information about users to third parties. This Privacy Rule, as an attachment to the service agreement of this website, shall take effect immediately after the user registers as the user of this website and shall be binding on the user and this website.

Personal data involved

This website can visit our website and obtain information anonymously. Before we ask you for information, we will explain the purpose of this information. Some of our sites need to register to join. This website automatically tracks certain information about users according to their behavior on the website. This website uses these data to conduct internal research on the demographic, interest and behavior of the users of this website in order to better understand the users so as to provide better services to users and the user community of this website. This website uses data collection devices such as "Cookies" on some pages of this website. "Cookies" is a small file set on the user's hard disk to assist the site to provide users with tailor-made services. This website also provides some functions that can only be accessed through the use of "Cookies". This website also uses "Cookies" to enable users to reduce the number of password input within a certain period of time. Cookies can also assist this website in providing information specifically tailored to users'interests.

Use of User's Information on this Website

Users agree that the website may use personal data about users (including but not limited to the information contained in the relevant user's files held by the website and other information obtained from users'current and previous activities on the website) to settle disputes, mediate disputes and help ensure the safety of the website. Full transaction and execute the user agreement of this website. This site may sometimes investigate multiple users to identify problems or resolve disputes, especially when it may review user data to differentiate users using multiple usernames or aliases.

In order to limit fraud, illegal or other criminal activities on the website and protect the website from harm, users voluntarily agree that the website can verify their personal data through manual or automatic procedures.

Disclosure of User's Information on this Website

This website will adopt industry standard practices to protect users'personal data, but due to technical constraints, this website can not ensure that all users' personal communications and other personal data will not be disclosed through the way not specified in this privacy rule. This website is obliged to provide users'personal data to judicial organs and government departments in accordance with relevant legal requirements.

User's Use of Other User's Information

In the transaction activities provided by this website, users have no right to request the website to provide personal data of other users.


Users shall not use the services provided by this website or other e-mail forwarding services to send spam or other content that may violate laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, social ethics and user agreements or privacy rules of this website. This website will not be used for any other purpose except to send the user's e-mail using this e-mail address. This website will not rent or sell these email addresses. This website will not store e-mail information or e-mail address permanently.

Security of Account Information

Users must be responsible for all actions taken by users themselves in the user name, password, registered e-mail and other security settings used in this website. Therefore, this website has no obligation to keep the user's registration information.

Rule modification

This website may amend this privacy rule from time to time according to users'opinions and the needs of this website in order to accurately reflect the information collection and disclosure practices of this website.